Do NOT Let Us Play at Your Party or Function

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This is what happens if you do.

Crankdaddy goes all quiet n’ shit…

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Check out the acoustic version of Vandura.

Want more? Here’s the studio version.

And who can forget this performance of Vandura?

We wonder: Que es mas macho?

Baaaaaack in action

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Crankdaddy -- 6/5 at Half Penny Pub with The Velmas and The Blisterz

Crankdaddy -- Saturday June 5 at the Half Penny Pub with The Velmas and The Blisterz

Albany bands the Blisterz and The Velmas, join Crankdaddy on the mighty Half Penny stage Saturday, June 5. Doors at 8, music at 10.

Staples of the Albany scene, The Velmas, have been voted the Capital Region’s “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Rock Band”  in  2006, 2007, and 2009.

And our punk compatriots, The Blisterz, will bring their straight-up power-pop sensibilities to complement the rock fury of yours truly, Crankdaddy.

See you there…

Rumor Has it We Just Passed Foghat, The Bay City Rollers, and Kajagoogoo

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#73,725. With a Bullet.

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Just got some big news in from

Crankdaddy is #73,725 on the rock charts! Not just any rock charts, mind you. Rock GLOBALLY.

We fully anticipate that 2010 will be a banner year for Crankdaddy. With your help and support, we feel we can crack the elusive Top 60,000.

Dread Media – Slime City Massacre – “I Like It.”

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Desmond Reddick, host of the Dread Media Horror Podcast, discusses the upcoming film “Slime City Massacre” by Greg Lamberson, and highlights our track for the closing credits. Take a listen:

“Slime City Massa-Creee” World Premiere! (Kinda.)

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Tonight, Crankdaddy’s newest opus premiered to the world on Sirius/XM satellite radio — courtesy of “Fangoria Radio“, hosted by Dee Snider and the lovely and talented ‘Scream Queen’, Debbie Rochon.

Here it is:

If you missed it (like 3/4 of our non-satellite subscribing band did), you can hear the new tune below. But before you go pressing that play button with your grubby little cursor, here’s a little backstory for ya.

“Slime City Massa-Creee” is the rockin’ closing credits song to the soon-to-be-released horror/sleaze/grindhouse film called (duh) “Slime City Massacre.”

“Slime City Massacre” was written and directed by Gregory Lamberson, and is a prequel/sequel to “Slime City,” a cult classic made in the glory days of NYC “slime” grindhouse films — think “Toxic Avenger,” “Street Trash,” etc. Greg was my college roommate, and he was kind (or stupid) enough to give me a role in the film. I played Jerry, the main character’s doofus best buddy. When the main character turns into a murderous slime-covered fiend, I’m one of the first to go. He smashes my head open like a melon on the floor. Good times. Put “Slime City” in your NetFlix queue — or better yet, go to and buy one direct from Greg. You won’t regret it.

Anyway, “Slime City” gained such a cult following in recent years, Greg suddenly found himself with an opportunity to make a sequel. So he did, shooting it in his new hometown of Buffalo, New York this past summer. Once again, he gave me a role in the film — this time, as a badass mercenary hired to wipe out a bunch of homeless folks in a post-apocalyptic New York City. I won’t drop any more info about the film, but suffice to say it’s gonna be kickfukkinass.

I asked Greg if Crankdaddy could record a song for the closing credits of the film, and he was down with the idea. So I read through the script again and pounded out some lyrics that would capture “Slime City Massacre’s” story. You’ll notice I sing it “Massa-Creee” instead of “Massa-Ker” — partially because I always dug westerns where the cowboys pronounced it “Massa-Creee”, but mostly because it rhymes with “me.” (And as I was just reminded by me bro in all things punk — that’s how Joey sang it. “…Texas Chainsaw Massa-Creee….”) Oh, and NYC gorehounds will undoubtedly appreciate the homage to some classic films at the beginning.

Anyway, play the song and follow along with the lyrics. Hopefully you’ll be singing along with the chorus by the second verse.

“Slime City Massa-Creee”
© 2009 Tom Merrick

Attention all Basket Cases…
With your Street Trash condishes…
Toxie can’t help you now–
You’re in Slime City, bitches!

Oh my god, don’t look now
But your beautiful face is just a pile of goo
But I so want you
Come on baby gimme what you got
Let’s pour ourselves a little shot

Shot of elixir, flesh starts to run
It’s getting hot in here
Slime flies when you’re having fun
Can’t you see, we’re down with Zachary
Surrender your flesh to me
It’s a Slime City Massacre

I ain’t playin’, my yogurt’s Himalayan
30-40-50-60 years past the sell-by date
So it fuels my hate
A lovin’ spoonful gets me goin’
See how green my blood is glowin’

You see me comin’, you turn to jelly
Don’t get to close, to my girl’s belly
On the floor, your brains are splattered
What can I say? I’m a crazy bastard!

Your orgasm, my ectoplasm
It’s an ooey-gooey chewy match made in hell
Ruby taught me well
My work here is never done
Cut off my head, my brain will run


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